Representing Divorce and Family Law Clients in Southern Utah.

If you have been served with divorce papers, or if you are thinking of filing for divorce in Southern Utah, we can help. Call and speak with an experienced divorce lawyer at our office now.


Protect your rights to your children.

We understand the importance of child custody to you. Don't give up your rights to your children without first consulting a lawyer. We have helped many mothers and fathers get the custody arrangement they desire.


We handle protective filings and defending against protective orders.

Whether you are in need of a protective order or you are fighting against one, call us today. Our experienced team can represent you through the difficult process of obtaining or defending a protective order.


Is divorce mediation the right choice for you?

Many clients turn to mediation in Southern Utah as means of resolving their case in a more affordable and timely manner. We provide divorce mediation services as well as legal representation in mediation proceedings.


We can protect your assets going into the marriage.

More and more people are turning to premarital agreements as a means of defining their separate property and interests going into a marriage. The benefits of prenups and postnups are many. Find out more by speaking with a lawyer in our firm.