Southern Utah Child Custody Lawyer

Custody Battles in St. George, Cedar City, Hurricane

Child custody issues are likely the most debated issue of any divorce.  People argue about money and property while divorcing, but unlike lifeless items that can be replaced, children are human beings which cannot be replaced.  Children bring companionship, joy, and laughter to their parents.  Each parent thinks he or she knows best, so they fight hard to receive custody of the children so the children can be raised correctly.  Because of the importance of receiving custody of children, parents should never fight the custody battle alone nor do they need to.  A Southern Utah divorce attorney will be a parent’s advocate in the fight for custody.

Keeping the Best Interest of the Children in Mind

When determining who will receive custody of children during a divorce proceeding, the court will decide what the best interest of the children is and then decide accordingly.  The court may award custody to the mother, but perhaps the court will find the best interest of the children is to be with their father.  Each parent probably thinks the best interest of the children would be achieved by having custody of them, but the court may disagree with a parent’s determination.

A St. George Divorce Attorney will represent a parent who fighting to keep custody of his or her children.  For a court to award child custody to a parent, the parent’s lawyer must persuasively and effectively explain why the best interest of the children would be served by giving that parent custody.  Our lawyers know the issues that courts evaluate when weighing who receives custody of children and what type of custody arrangement is ultimately best for the children.  With this knowledge, our lawyers effectively fight for a parent’s custody rights.

Get the Help You Need in a Child Custody Dispute

Don’t gamble with the chance of losing your right to see and spend quality time with your children.  If you are facing a child custody battle in Southern Utah, call us today.  We understand the importance of children and the effect they have in a parent’s life.  Our lawyers will fight to ensure your right to be with your children is not infringed.  Call 435.216.1034 to receive the help you need in your battle for your children.  You will not be charged for your consultation and you can begin the process to keep your children in your life.

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