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Many people in Southern Utah probably envision a divorce proceeding involving lots of lawyers in court yelling and arguing over the many details of a marriage termination.  Most people have seen a movie involving a divorce where such a scene is played out so many believe that a typical divorce is the one portrayed in the media.  Many divorces are resolved without such a fight however.  Many couples resolve their difference without the necessity of appearing in court and fighting over things such as child support or part time.

When a divorcing couple works together to come to a divorce agreement, they reduce the overall cost and time it takes resolve the divorce issues.  A couple that mutually agrees to the terms that end a marriage are ending their relationship through an uncontested divorce.  An uncontested divorce is different than a contested divorce in that there is no disagreement between the parties as to any final divorce issues.

Don’t Make a Mistake. Hire a St. George Divorce Attorney

Even if a Southern Utah couple does not have any issues they need to fight over, they will still need a St George Divorce Attorney to make sure their divorce is properly handled; otherwise, a default judgment may be entered against the non-filing party or the parties will not be able to change the divorce petition if changes need to be made.  A St. George Divorce Attorney will be able to draft a divorce petition that incorporates all of the agreed terms of the divorce between the two people with the option of making adjustment to the petition if any changes are needed.  By having a divorce petition drafted by a licensed lawyer, people can avoid the problems of handling their own divorce as well as avoiding a contested divorce.

We Will Handle Your Uncontested Divorce – Washington County, Iron County

If it looks like a divorce is in your future and you and your spouse agree to the terms of the dissolution of your marriage, a Cedar City attorney at our office can help.  One of our lawyers will file all the paperwork necessary for an uncontested divorce in Southern Utah.  A divorce is a hard experience so let someone handle all the legal work for you.  Call 435.216.1034 for a free consultation and let us alleviate your stress.

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