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In many divorces in Southern Utah, the arguments and disagreements that caused the termination of the marriage are accompanied by acts of violence.  Any kind of Domestic Violence in Southern Utah is against the law.  For victims of Domestic Violence, there is a mechanism for protecting them from further spousal abuse; that mechanism is a protective order made by a St. George Divorce Attorney.  A protective order can provide protection for victims and other loved ones.  It is a court order that protects individuals from contact with the abuser, it limits the abuser from having weapons, and gives victims sole possession of property.  Protective orders also allow law enforcement officers to protect victims better by giving them authority to act quickly if there is an order instead of waiting for the sometimes lengthy investigatory process to run its course.

Use and Abuse of Protective Orders

There doesn’t necessarily have to be a long history or abuse for a protective order to be granted by a Southern Utah court.  There are certain factors that a court looks at when determining if a court order to protect an individual is necessary.  Call 435.216.1034 to speak with a St. George Divorce Attorney about the factors a court evaluate when deciding protective order cases.

Unfortunately for some, a protective order can also be used as a bargaining chip in a divorce proceeding.  A bitter spouse may use an order to restrict the freedoms of the other spouse and keep that spouse from seeing the couple’s children.  When a protective order is used in such a way, it hurts the effected spouse as well as the children.  An order can have many legal consequences, including criminal prosecution.  It is important for those served with a protective order to hire a St. George Divorce Lawyer to explain to the court why a protective order is not necessary.

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If you need a protective order to shield you from an abusive spouse, or if a protective order without a basis has been served on you, call or email our team of attorneys.  Our lawyers will fight for you whether you need an order or seek to have an order dropped.  Your initial consultation is free so contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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