St George Divorce Decree Modification Lawyer

Modifying Your Divorce

Once a final divorce decree is made, it is usually the end of a long, often painful, process.  Unfortunately for some, even after a divorce is finalized, the issues in the divorce may show its ugly head once again in the form of a divorce modification.  Since nothing stays the same, there needs to be a legal process for changing the divorce decree and that is exactly what a divorce modification does.  A Southern Utah court can modify its previous order for a divorce if certain requirements are shown by a St. George Divorce Attorney.

The court can modify the divorce decree in four different areas relating to the court order.  The decree can be modified by the court in the areas of alimony, child, support, child custody, and parent time.  Southern Utah courts generally encourage individuals to settle a divorce modification without the court getting involved, but comprise can be just as hard if not harder after the dissolution of the marriage is finalized.

A Substantial Change is Needed for a Modification

A modification is similar to the divorce proceeding because the case is usually filed in the same court, parties have to petition the court as well as respond to petitions, parties take part in discovery, and other motions are filed with the court much like other divorce proceedings in Southern Utah.

In order for a modification to be granted, the petitioning party must show that there has been a substantial change in the circumstances of the man, woman, or children from the former marriage.  The court can alter alimony, child support, child custody, and parent time rights if it finds that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred.  A St. George Divorce Attorney knows the many different circumstances that a court likely will find that a substantial change in circumstances is present.

A St. George Divorce Attorney Can Help You With A Modification

You can receive a free consultation with a attorney in your areas by calling 435.216.1034 today.  One of our helpful lawyers will evaluate your case at no cost to you to determine if a court would likely find a substantial change in circumstances is evident requiring a modification of the divorce decree.  Changes happen and we want to help you through the changes so your divorce decree better reflects your circumstances.

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