St George Child Support Attorney

Calculating Child Support

Nearly all parents want what is best for their children.  Parents seek to provide their children with all the things that they need to be healthy, happy, and safe.  Children not only need love and support from their parents, but they also need financial assistance.  When a couple ends their relationship through a divorce or break-up, however, arguments often arise as to who needs to provide the financial assistance to make sure the children are provided for in every way.  Instead of parents cooperating together in the best interest of the children, the parents fight over having to pay any money to provide for their children.  Child support laws were designed to provide financial security to children so they grow into healthy adults.  The lawyers in our firm help parents understand that child support is intended for the help and benefit of the children.

Help Is Here For You

Children are the ultimate victims of child support arguments.  They are hurt when parents don’t pay enough support, fail to pay, or use the money for their own selfish desires.  A St. George Divorce Attorney is experienced in handling child support issues in Washington County and the rest of Southern Utah.  Our lawyers will fight to make sure your children receive the assistance they need to be healthy and happy.  Whether you need help determining the amount of child support you should receive, making a modification to a child support order, or fighting an obligation, our lawyers are here to be an advocate for you and your children’s needs.

A St. George Divorce Lawyer at our law firm can help you in all your child support needs including:

  • Litigating child support amounts
  • Working with the Office of Recovery Services
  • Calculating child support
  • Enforcing an order for child support
  • Answering tax questions relating to child support

Get Your Children the Assistance They Need

If you need help with any child support issues, don’t worry, a St. George Divorce Attorney is waiting to assist you in any way you need.  Call 435.216.1034 for a free consultation about your child support case.  Your children deserve financial stability in their lives and we can help you achieve this.  But, you shouldn’t have to pay so much that it hurts your ability to care for yourself or other children you may.  Our lawyers will fight hard so all parties are protected.  Contact us today.

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