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Sometimes big media stories will include a famous couple getting an annulment only a few weeks after they were married.  The quickness of the couple’s severance of their relationship has caused some in Southern Utah to conclude that an annulment can be granted if it is filed in a certain amount of time after a marriage is entered into.  Timing, however, does not have anything to do with a court granting an annulment.  The granting of an annulment is based instead on the circumstances of that existed when the marriage took place.

When an annulment is granted, it is as if the marriage never existed in the first place.  This can be appealing to many people who would like to say they were never married or do not want the legal obligations of a divorce.  Annulments are difficult to receive though; this is why it is important to have a Southern Utah law firm evaluate your case if you are considering receiving an annulment.

When Annulments Are Granted in Southern Utah

In most circumstances, a divorce is the proper mechanism for ending a marriage in Southern Utah.  The Utah State Legislature has said an annulment is proper only in the following two circumstances: 1.) if the marriage was void from the beginning or 2.) if the marriage can be annulled upon grounds existing at common law.  The grounds for annulment existing at common law were centered on fraud going to the essence of marriage.  The fraud must directly affect the relationship, and the fraud must relate to facts present at the time of marriage, not future facts.  If there is fraud that destroys the essential purpose for entering into a marriage, then an annulment may be granted.  A St. George Divorce Attorney can handle all the intricate details of the annulment process for you.

Find Out if You Can Get an Annulment

The annulment process is a difficult process to navigate and it is very difficult for an annulment to be granted.  A St. George divorce lawyer, however, knows how to navigate the process.  Our lawyers know if your circumstances would be right for an annulment or a divorce.  Call 435.216.1034 for a free consultation with a St. George Divorce Attorney today.  If you live in Southern Utah, we will help you through the difficult process of ending your relationship.

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