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Utah Spousal Support

Besides child support and child custody issues, alimony may be one of the most disputed issues during a divorce.  This is why it is important for individuals facing alimony issues in their divorce to contact a St. George Divorce Attorney.  Often times in a marriage, money is the most fought over subject between the couple.  When a marriage is ending, money is still a heated debate between the two parties.  Many people believe they are entitled to more money from a former spouse and others think they should not have to pay a dime to a former spouse.

With so much disagreement about alimony, it is best to have someone on your side fighting for your interests.  Without a lawyer, you may not be able to adequately protect your rights.  A court will probably not award a person’s full paycheck as an alimony payment nor give a person any alimony payment when the other spouse was the primary money maker, but a court may still be persuaded by an effective lawyer to rule on an unfavorable alimony agreement.

Amount of Alimony Depends on Several Factors

Courts in Southern Utah evaluate many different aspects of a divorcing couples circumstances in determining alimony and a St. George Divorce Attorney knows what a court will evaluate when looking at an alimony arrangement.  With this knowledge, a lawyer will be able to better argue in your favor, whether it is for receiving a bigger alimony payment or having to pay less alimony, our lawyers will represent your interests well.  Too many people in Southern Utah believe they can work out their alimony issues without a lawyer only to discover after the divorce decree has been made that they aren’t receiving enough alimony or they are paying too much.  Do not let this happen to you.

Don’t Fight Alimony Arguments Alone

If you are divorcing and are unsatisfied with the proposed alimony arrangement, call a St. George Divorce Attorney today.  Your consultation is free and we will help you understand how much alimony you can expect to pay or receive.  Call 435.216.1034 to speak with a helpful Southern Utah Alimony Lawyer and let us help ease your mind during this difficult time in your life.

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