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Washington County Visitation Rights

Raising children together can bring a couple closer together and strengthen their relationship.  Unfortunately, when a couple divorces or breaks-up, fighting over the time each spend with their children can become a heated issue causing further tension and problems between the couple.  Issues concerning children are highly emotional and a couple ending their relationship fails to consider all the legal consequences and options regarding a child custody and parent time (visitation) agreement.  People sometimes are blinded by their emotions and the strong attachment they feel for their children so they can fail to see the situation reasonably and end up reacting to the divorce in a way that hurts their parent time rights.  Having a St. George Divorce Attorney from our office handle the visitation issues will help keep emotions in check and keep parents from acting in a manner they will later regret.

An Advocate That Will Fight For Your Interests

A difficult decision of any couple separating is how to raise their children together even though they are no longer in a relationship.  A Washington County couple can find it difficult to come to an agreement on a visitation schedule that is satisfactory for both the parents and the children.  A Washington County family law attorney can help parents finding it difficult agree on parent time by finding solutions that allow a family to work well together despite the new family dynamics of a separated couple.

An advocate can help those in Washington County and the surrounding area in the following ways:

  • Constructing a specific parent time schedule for the couple
  • Organizing an extended time and vacation time schedule
  • Enforcing a schedule for parent time
  • Helping to adjust an existing visitation schedule
  • Mediating arguments and disagreements regarding the visitation schedule
  • Being a resource for any questions a parent has about parent time rights

Parent Time/Visitation Help Call 435.216.1034

Don’t fight for parent time alone.  Your children are too important to not have an advocate fighting for you right to spend time with them.  Contact us today if you need help with ensuring your visitation rights are protected.  Call 435.216.1034 for a free consultation about your parent time concerns.  We know how important your children are to you and will fight hard to make sure they continue to be an intricate part of your life.

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