Practice Areas

At our St George and Southern Utah law firm, we represent client in all types of family law matters. Whether you have a complex divorce or a simple uncontested paternity action, we are the go to firm in the bottom half of the state. We also offer unparralled mediation services to help you resolve your matter outside of the courtroom if you prefer.

Divorce is unfortunatly common in Utah and we provided a range of divorce services including the following just to name a few:

Maybe you are looking to avoid mediation all together. In recent years, divorce mediation in Southern Utah has become increasingly popular because of the potential to save money and time. For more information visit our mediation page below:

Many of our clients hire us to prevent future family conflict and to avoid costly litigation. Premarital agreements in Utah are also becoming a popular means of resolving future disputes before they even happen. Its smart to have a prenup. For more info, visit the link below.

We offer a wide range of services, so do not delay. Call us today to get started on your divorce or family matter anytime at 435.216.1034.

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