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Before a Southern Utah couple begins to talk about a divorce, there are usually many arguments they have over many different issues such as money, children, and even dirty dishes.  These heated arguments may seem important but they are often petty and could be worked through in many instances.  However, most people are stubborn and prideful so they refuse to concede to another side’s argument.  A divorce will occur when these arguments become too much for a Southern Utah couple to handle.

Unfortunately, when a couple resolves to end their relationship, the arguments they had before don’t end.  Some of the old arguments and many new ones will arise during the divorce proceedings.  When a couple cannot agree to at least one issue relating to the severance of their relationship, they will need a contested divorce.  It does not matter if the disagreement concerns alimony, child support, or child custody; any disagreement will result in a contested divorce.  A St. George Divorce Attorney can resolve a contested divorce.

Contested Divorces Are Difficult Without a Lawyer

As opposed to an uncontested divorce, a contested divorce is complex and it can take a long time to resolve.  It usually requires the help of a St. George Divorce Attorney as well.  When disagreements arise during a divorce, the parties will go to a Southern Utah court to resolve their differences.  Having the court resolve differences is expensive and time consuming.  A trial is often necessary to work out the differences of a divorce and the judge will have to decide what is in the best interest of any children and the couple.  A judge decides how best to resolve the disagreements between the parties.  Even though a contested divorce is more expensive than an uncontested one, there are ways for one spouse to pay for the legal fee’s of the other.  This option allows a party to fight for a favorable divorce even though the party may be financially disadvantaged.

Hire a Lawyer to Resolve Your Hotly Contested Divorce Case

The legal process of an uncontested divorce can be confusing and intimidating, so if you are facing an uncontested divorce in Southern Utah, call a St. George Divorce Law Firm today.  Our lawyers will aggressively work for the most favorable outcome in your uncontested divorce.  Don’t go through this difficult process alone; let us help you through the issues.  Call 435.216.1034 today for your free consultation with a lawyer.  Get the help and support you need with a lawyer you can trust.

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