St George Divorce Mediation Attorney

Mediation Services for Divorcing Parties

Divorce mediation is quickly becoming an effective and preferred method in solving disputes between a couple divorcing.  Instead of waiting to argue the contentious issues of a divorce in court, a couple meets with a neutral third-party, a mediator, to see if the issues in dispute can’t be resolved without having to go to court.  Mediation happens outside the courtroom and can be a less-stress environment more conducive to an effective discussion resulting in an agreement to which both parties can agree.

In Southern Utah, parties to a contested divorce are required to attend at least one mediation meeting in good faith.  This mediation session must occur before a Utah judge will allow a case to proceed to trial.  If you an d your spouse don’t agree to at least one term of the divorce, both of you will have to attend mediation.  Call 435.216.1034 to find out more about the mediation rule.  A St. George Divorce Mediator at our firm will answer any questions you may have and help you and your soon to be ex reach an agreement.

Choose the Right St. George Mediator

There are many mediators in Southern Utah but not all are lawyers.  Our lawyers at St. George Divorce Attorney are certified mediators.  If you need to attend mediation you will want a mediator who is a lawyer because lawyer-mediator knows family law, knows how a court typically decides an issue in any given situation, and provides the couple with a realistic law-based assessment of the issues.

Not all divorce issues can be resolved through mediation but it is best for a couple going through a contested divorce to attempt to resolve issues without going to court and mediation can accomplish this.  Resolving a divorce through a trial is expensive and time consuming.  Successful mediation saves the divorcing couple money and time.

Mediation Questions? We Can Help

If you are going through a contested divorce and need representation, call a Southern Utah Mediator.  We will help you resolve your divorce by attending your mediation session with you and make sure the resolution the mediator presents is beneficial to you.  Or if you need a mediator, one of our lawyers will serve at your Utah divorce mediator and give you and your spouse a realistic plan that you both can agree on.  Call 435.216.1034 or email us for all your mediation needs.

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