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Utah Divorce Orders

When thinking about a divorce, many people believe that it is simple and can be granted very quickly.  While some divorces can be simple, they still take time.  Many divorces are complex and take many months before a final divorce decree is issued by a court.  Other family law disputes such as a parent time disagreement can also take much time to resolve.  But while many family law issues take a lot of time to settle, parties don’t have to wait until the resolution of the case for rights to be established or granted.  A Southern Utah court can issue a temporary order to protect individuals and establish temporary rights until the pending case is settled.  A St. George Divorce Attorney can help you receive a temporary order until your case is resolved.

We can help you quickly receive an order so property and children are protected while the court is evaluating what the final agreement should be.  Some family law matters require immediate attention and cannot wait until an issue is finally resolved.  Often it is necessary to ask the court for expedited relief to protect a party’s interest in property and children.  If you feel you need such expedited relief then call a St. George Divorce Attorney at 435.216.1034 today so a temporary order can quickly be filed in your interest.

What Kind of Temporary Order Do You Need?

Our lawyers have helped many people throughout the Washington County area receive a temporary order in many different cases.  The type of orders that have been successfully granted include temporary custody, temporary parent time, temporary financial support, temporary distribution of property, and temporary attorneys fees.  Our St. George Divorce Attorneys will use a temporary order to better protect you while your complex and time consuming case is continuing.

Don’t Delay, Contact Us Immediately For Help

If you have a case that won’t be resolved for many months and you need to protect your property interests or children, contact a St. George Divorce Law Firm right away.  We will give you a free consultation and help you determine if a temporary order will be successful in your situation.  We can quickly and effectively file an order with the court so you can feel secure with your property and children. 435.216.1034.

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