Mediation as Part of the Divorce Process

In most circumstances the reason stated for a divorce are irreconcilable differences. With that description in mind, a lot of people wonder how a party is expected to be able to come to an agreement through mediation, and the answer to that is incentives. First and foremost is the fact that Utah courts require that a couple go to a session of mediation before they will be granted a divorce, so the parties have an incentive to try and make mediation work or they will simply be wasting everyone’s time. Second, a divorce that is solved through mediation can costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than a divorce that is drug out and fought in court.

Making Mediation Work for You

There are a number of things that parties can do to try and make sure that mediation is successful. Obviously having a good attitude about mediation and an open mind to settlement is going to be beneficial but that’s not always easy in the context of divorce. One of the biggest things that couples can do is make sure that they get an experienced mediator, and although this may cost more money it will most likely save money in the long run. With proper legal counsel and an experienced mediator the parties can have a better idea about what likely outcomes are, where they should make concessions, and where they should stand their ground.

Southern Utah Divorce Attorney & Mediation

At St George Divorce Attorney, all of our attorneys are also certified and experienced mediators so they know how to help clients in whatever capacity they need. We understand the value in settling disputes before going to court and we will strive to help our clients protect what is important to them while encouraging them to make sound legal decisions. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation in our Southern Utah office.

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