Temporary Relief through Temporary Orders

In a large number of cases a divorce is started due to a large or significant event in the couples lives. Meaning that most couples have maybe contemplated separating for a while but they don’t actually make the decision to separate or start the divorce process until something big happens to push them over the top. Unfortunately, this big event more often then not has to deal with violence and spousal abuse and because of that the party that has been abused is usually in need of some pretty immediate protection. One way to receive this protection is through Temporary Orders, which is a part of the divorce proceedings.

Temporary Orders in Utah

In Utah a person that is involved in a divorce proceeding can ask for temporary orders from the judge to help provide certain kinds of relief. Temporary orders are in essence the ground rules of how things are going to be while the divorce takes place. Because a contested divorce can take a long time before it is settled it can often be very important to set up some ground rules like who will live in the marital home, temporary alimony or child support payments, and as discussed above a temporary restraining order.

Southern Utah Divorce Attorney

If you live in St. George, Cedar City, or any other part of Southern Utah and are looking for a divorce attorney then call the lawyers at St George Divorce Attorney. We can help provide you with the relief and protection that you need through temporary orders and we can help you resolve your divorce as quickly and soundly as possible. Our attorneys are experienced criminal defenders and we know how to argue your side of the case. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation and get the help you deserve.

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