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When searching for Washington County Divorce Lawyers, make sure you find a local attorney who understand the intricacies of the courts in Southern Utah. There are some differences between the court system in St. George and the way the Salt Lake City and Northern Utah courts operate. For instance, in Salt Lake and many other northern counties, commissioners are appointed who hear nearly all of the divorce and domestic issues in cases including protective orders, rarely do parties ever even see the actual judge assigned to the case. In Southern Utah however, the courts do not operate with commissioners but rather the Fifth District Judges hear all of the family law matters. This means that your divorce case must be as well prepared as possible from the beginning because you will likely have the same judge hear all of your motions and will eventually make a decision at trial. You see, if the judge has already ruled on a temporary basis that XYZ shall be ordered, it usually means the judge will rule the same way in a final order unless something significant has changed. So, if you are in Washington County, it is critical your case is well prepared for temporary orders and preliminary proceedings. This also is important because for the most part, having the judge decide an initial motion as opposed to a commissioner gives you essentially only one bite at the apple. While you can object to a commissioner’s ruling and then have the judge decide, the same process is not available where the judge assigned to the case has already made the decision.

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At our law firm, you will find a Family Law Attorney in Washington County who is experienced in the local courts. We know how the courts here in town operate. We understand how the local judges make their decisions and what it takes to give you the best chance of meeting your goals and protecting your rights through these tumultuous times. We can help ensure you get a fair shake in the local court system and that your children are also protected. St. George and the rest of Washington County is a small community and having local counsel who understand not only the courts but the local way of life can be a tremendous help to your case. We will work hard on your behalf, call us anytime at 435.216.1034.

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