Alimony Disputes in Divorce Proceedings

One of the most hotly contested issues in divorce proceedings next to those that involve children is disputes over alimony, or spousal support. The theory behind spousal support is quite simple but the arguments can get complicated and heated quickly. The judicial system allows for spousal support so that spouses that primarily worked in the home are not left destitute by divorcing the bread winner. The problems come in when the discussion comes to how much spousal support should be paid and for how long. Also a lot of bread winners argue that their ex spouse could go get a job and provide some for themselves.

General Alimony Principles

When it comes to settling alimony disputes it can be very difficult to predict what the possible outcomes may be. Ultimately, if the parties cannot come to an agreement then the judge will make a decision based on the arguments as to whether or not alimony should be awarded and if so the amount and duration of the award. Some general principles are used however to guide judges in their decision making but these are in no sense hard and fast rules. The first is the judges will normally not award alimony for long than the duration of the marriage. So for example if you were married for 10 years then you’re not likely to get alimony for longer than 10 years. The second is that judges try to balance incomes between the parties and maintain similar standards of living if at all possible.

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