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Anytime you have a joint custody arrangement, whether it is joint physical custody, joint legal, or both, the court will require you file a parenting plan. A parenting plan is suppose to layout the grounds rules upon how the joint custody arrangement will work and help to avoid conflict between the parents. The plan can address any issue which will help avoid the potential for conflict regarding the kids including such things as drop off and pick times and locations; what kinds of activities are acceptable while the kids are in a parents care; who will make certain decision such as where the children go to school, and virtually any other matter which may need to be addresses and which will help the parents work towards the mutual best interests of the children.

Standard Guidelines for Parents

The state legislature included some suggestions for parenting provisions known as the Advisory Guidelines in the divorce laws in Utah. Many parents simply adopt these guidelines as their parenting plan because, for the most part, these guidelines help most parents effectively parent following divorce. Now every case is different so the standard guidelines may not work well for you and your particular situation. For more information on parenting plans and the advisory guidelines, call and speak with a St. George Utah Divorce Attorney in our office today.

Free Consultations

At our law firm, we have helped numerous divorcing parents craft unique parenting plans which protect their interests and the interests of their children. We cannot stress enough the importance of a solid parenting plan when you have a joint custody arrangement and foresee the potential for future problems and lays out a good set of rules to the benefit of your children. Whether you have many kids or just one or two, we can help to ensure your life gets easier after divorce rather than more difficult. Do not hesitate to contact one of our Southern Utah Family Law Attorneys immediately to get a free consultation over the phone.

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