St. George Custody Lawyer | Joint Custody in Southern Utah

If you are looking for a St. George custody lawyer to help you get
a joint custody in Southern Utah, you have found the right law firm. We have
helped numerous clients achieve the arrangement with their children they desire
despite sometimes tough odds. At our office, we understand how important it is
for you to get the time with your kids that is in their best interests. We take
every divorce and paternity case seriously and we work towards your goals.

Joint Custody Factors | Cedar City | Washington City

In order to have the best chance of getting joint custody, you
should understand which factors the judges in Cedar City, Washington City, and
other areas are considering in making the determination as to whether or not
such an arrangement is the best thing for the children involved. Some of the
major things judges look at when trying to answer this question are the needs
of the children, the parenting abilities of each parent, and in some case
involving older children, the children’s preferences. When looking for a
custody attorney in Utah, make sure your advocate understands these factors and
how to best argue on your behalf to protect your interests with your kids. At
Salcido Law Office, we understand these issues and know how to put your best
case forward. We represent individuals all over the southern end of the state so whether you live in Beaver, Kanab, or Santa Clara, we can help.

Free Consultations – Call us today

You can meet with a lawyer in our St. George law firm at a time
that is convenient for you at no initial cost. We provide free consultation and
are available by phone anytime. Call us today to set up an appointment and to
answer your questions. We understand that searching for the right lawyer is
often a daunting task. We are sure you will feel confident with our team and
know we are ready for the most difficult of cases. Call or email us today.

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