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The driving factor for divorce is a desire to no longer be married to a person, but even deeper than that is reasoning that is more than just the legal aspect of being married. Unhappy spouses don’t simply want the court records to show they are no longer married but instead they don’t want to live together, don’t want to share assets, and don’t want anyone to consider them as still being together. Although divorce is the most common legal method of separation it is not, however, the only option. Depending on your circumstances and desires, you may be able to go through an annulment or legal separation instead of a Divorce.


An annulment differs from a divorce in that it is not terminating the marriage but erasing the marriage from existence. Once the annulment is complete its as if you were never married in the first place, at least in the courts eyes. The State Legislature has set out a number of ways you can qualify for an annulment by statute, and there are also a couple of common law routes as well. So not everyone is allowed to have their marriage annulled, in fact there are probably very few that qualify.

Legal Separation

Legal separation doesn’t actually terminate a marriage but instead just lays out the terms of a separation (i.e. child custody, child support, spousal support). Legal separation procedures are similar to divorce but it is only allowed when one of the spouses has been deserted by the other, or when one refuses/neglects to provide for the other spouse.

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