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As most of us know, money is a great motivator, as you look through the different aspects of your life you will likely be shocked at how many things you do because of money. Unfortunately, this great motivator rears its ugly head in the arena of child custody battles like it does in the other aspects of our life. Because of money issues parents may try and fight for different custody arrangements because of the burden of child support. Even though the parents may want what’s best for the child they in essence try and avoid overpaying.

Statutory Child Support

In Utah child support is determined by statutory guidelines. Based on the parties gross monthly income and the custody set up the court looks at the guidelines and comes up with what each parties contribution should be. Once an order has been made concerning child support than that person must pay the specified amount no matter what. If it is not paid the damaged party can try and recover the money through the Office of Recovery Services or through court proceedings. If a person looses their job or becomes incapable of making payments then what they should do as soon as possible is try and modify the child support obligation through court proceedings, otherwise they will continue being liable for the payments.

St. George Child Support Attorney

If you are having issues with either collecting child support or paying child support than call St George Divorce Attorney. Our attorneys can help you enforce your child support order or get it modified so it works with your new circumstances. It is important that you deal with these types of issues correctly and the correct way is through the courts. We offer free consultations and can help you understand what your obligations/options are. Call or email us today to set up an appointment.

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