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With any contested divorce, one of the major issues besides child support and child custody is spousal support usually referred to as alimony.  Much like money causes a St. George couple to divorce, it only makes the divorce proceedings more difficult.  One spouse usually doesn’t way to pay any money to the other spouse and the other spouse usually thinks the money received from alimony is never enough.  With two highly emotional viewpoints, the divorce is likely to become very messy and complicated.  This is why it is so important to have a St. George alimony attorney fight for your rights and protect your best interest.

The purpose of alimony is not to take all the property away from one spouse to give to another.  The Utah Supreme Court has said, “We require that a trial court, in setting alimony, attempt to provide support for the receiving spouse sufficient to maintain that spouse as nearly as possible at the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage.” Noble v. Noble, 761 P.2d 1369, 1372 (Utah 1988).  According to Utah family law then, alimony is meant to give the receiving spouse enough money to continue living as if the person was still married.

Alimony Laws in Southern Utah

Utah state law has set many different standards for a Utah court to consider in setting the amount of alimony one should receive as a result of a Utah divorce.  A Utah court will usually look to the standard of living that existed at the time of the couple’s separation in determining alimony.  A court will consider all relevant facts and equitable principles and may base alimony on the standard of living that exists at the time of a trial.  Courts use several different factors in determining alimony and the issues can often become muddled.  Because family law can be very complicated, it is best to have a St. George divorce lawyer handle a divorce.

Get the Alimony Help You Need

If you are going through a divorce and need help with your alimony issues, don’t go through the divorce process alone.  Get the alimony help you need by contacting a St. George alimony attorney from St George Divorce Attorney.  Our law firm has experienced alimony attorneys that will help you through the divorce process.  Call us today to speak with a divorce lawyer for free at 435.625-1753.

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