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The Financial Declaration in a Utah Divorce

If you are involved in a contested divorce in Utah, you are required to provide the other party with a financial declaration and initial disclosures. This is governed by Rule 26.1 of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure and everyone … Continue reading

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The Discovery Process in Divorce

One of the most important phases of litigation in a contested Utah divorce is the discovery process. The discovery process is the means of learning everything about the other side’s position and the evidence they would produce at trial. It … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and Divorce in Utah

In some cases, domestic violence may be the cause for a couple’s divorce. Domestic violence and other criminal charges are all too often associated with divorce in Utah. It is not uncommon at all for a client, men and women … Continue reading

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St George Alimony Attorney | Spousal Support

With any contested divorce, one of the major issues besides child support and child custody is spousal support usually referred to as alimony.  Much like money causes a St. George couple to divorce, it only makes the divorce proceedings more … Continue reading

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