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Alimony is probably one of the most highly contested subjects in divorce proceedings next to child custody issues. Parting spouses are rarely of the mindset that they want to give money to the person they are divorcing once they are separated. So whether a party is pushing for no alimony or just less than what the other person wants, this area of law usually involves a lot of fighting. Obviously whatever the court ends up deciding is going to have a very real impact on your life and as such you should be sure to put forth the best arguments possible. The best way to make sure that your interests are represented and properly expressed to the court is by having an attorney at your side.

Utah’s Alimony Laws

There are a number of different factors that influence a courts decision concerning alimony. One of the common things to know is that courts are not likely to award alimony for a period of time l0nger than the duration of the marriage. Another thing to note is that any argument over money is going to require a lot of evidence showing how much a person makes and what was made during the marriage. With all the complexities of alimony arguments it is well worth the time and money to have an attorney help you in your alimony dispute.

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Whether you are going through a divorce or are unhappy with the alimony award that was placed in your divorce decree, the lawyers at St George Divorce Attorney can help you. Our attorneys are experienced in divorce proceedings and have helped hundreds of family law clients. We will work tirelessly for your interests and make sure that your rights are protected. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation.


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