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If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Cedar City, Utah, you found the right place. We recently opened a new office location in Southern Utah to better serve our clients in the south end of the state. From Cedar City and Parawan to Hurricane and St. George, we can help with all your family law needs. We have helped numerous families in Cedar City with such matters as divorce, child custody, support, and paternity. We also realize that some families find themselves facing tough cases with DCFS and need a lawyer willing to fight for their parental rights.

The courts in this end of the state have their own way of handling domestic matters so you need a lawyer who is experienced in the local courts. We get many calls each week from people in Cedar City and St. George who are unsure about how to proceed in their divorce or other family law case. We take great pride in helping Southern Utah families through these difficult times.

Family Law Attorney in Cedar City

There are many advantages to hiring a local attorney for your case. For instance, our lawyers in Southern Utah are familiar with the other lawyers in the areas and know how to work with opposing counsel to get you a good resolution in a timely manner. Additionally, a family law attorney in Cedar City from our office better understands the unique circumstances of families in the area.

Meeting with an Attorney

Since we offer free consultation and have a local office, there is no reason not to meet with an attorney at our law firm today. We have represented numerous individuals just like you who want protection in their pending case. Phone us to meet with a lawyer at your convenience, 435.216.1034. You can also email us anytime or chat with us online. We are easy to get a hold of and are responsive to our clients needs.

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Chris Salcido is a founder and owner of St George Divorce Attorney.
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