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When most people think about a paternity case they only think about establishing who the natural father of a child is. However, in a legal sense, a paternity case is much more than establishing who the father is. For couples who are not married but have children together, a paternity suit is how issues such as child support and child custody are decided. Normally these issues would be dealt with through divorce proceedings, but if the couple was never married there would be no way to establish who the father ways, how much child support should be paid, who gets custody of the children, and how will visitation work. So the legal system has established the paternity suit as a way to deal with these things for those who are not legally married.

Paternity Compared to Divorce

Although divorce is usually viewed only as the vehicle to split up a marriage, there is a lot more that goes into a divorce proceeding than just splitting up the couple. Because of this a paternity action is very similar to a divorce and really is only lacking the part where you split up the couple. Furthermore, in most paternity case situations the couple is splitting up and going through a similar process emotional as do couples divorcing.

Establishing Paternity | Family Law Representation in St. George

If you are having issues with the father or mother of your children and feel like you need to establish your rights legally then call the lawyers at St George Divorce Attorney. We offer experienced family law representation in St. George, and we can help you deal with the difficult situation you have been placed in. Whether you have custody of the kids right now or are fighting with an ex that won’t let you see your children we can help. Call us today to set up a free consultation. 435.216.1034


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