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If you have been served with a protective order in St. George, Cedar City, or anywhere else in Southern Utah, you need a protective order defense lawyer to take your side and help get you the best possible result in this difficult situation. Restraining and other orders carry significant penalties. While some people choose to defend themselves in protective order cases, many others understand the importance of hiring a family law attorney to defend them and ensure their rights are protected in the process. From Beaver and Parowan to Cedar City and St. George, we can take your defense in any corner of the southern part of the state.

Protective Order Penalties

There are many potential penalties you are facing once you have been served with a protective order. A protective order can have a serious impact on your employment in some cases and can show up on a background check. A protective order can also mean you will no longer be eligible for certain state licenses including concealed weapons permits and hunting privileges. Most importantly, if you ever violate your protective order, you could be facing a Class A misdemeanor and be sentenced to jail. As you can see, protective orders carry big penalties and should not be taken lightly. To ensure you have the best chance of success in a protective order case, you should at least speak to a lawyer at out Southern Utah law firm today.

Laws on Protective Orders in Utah

In order for someone to get a protective order against you, they must be able to prove that you physically harmed them or that you threatened them with physical harm. Not all protective orders are filed in good faith. We understand that some people abuse the process by getting a restraining order to gain an advantage in a custody dispute or to simply harass or punish the other side. We won’t let anyone take advantage of you. Get us on your defense now.

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At our office, we understand how to defend protective orders and look forward to representing you in your case. We have an understanding of how the legal system works in Southern Utah and can help you through a divorce or domestic violence matter in addition to defending you in the protective order hearings. If you have been served with a restraining order in Utah, do not wait, call us today at 801.625.1753.

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